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2021-22 Protocols & Procedures
Marymount is committed to creating the best, safest possible circumstances for robust in-person teaching and learning. 


List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Schedules & Locations

    Marymount will return to normal school hours and campuses. Students will learn in person, five days a week.

    Lower School: 1026 Fifth Avenue
    Lower Mid: 2 East 82nd Street
    Upper Mid: 116 East 97th Street
    Upper School: 1026 Fifth Avenue 
  • Arrival & Dismissal

    Arrival and dismissal times vary by grade/division, and early arrival and extended day options will resume. Please consult your divisional mailing or school handbook for exact times and more information.

    Drop-off and pick-up will occur just outside the school buildings. LS students will enter/exit through the 1026 Fifth Avenue door; teachers and staff will be on hand to receive the students and escort them to their classrooms. US students will enter/exit through the 1027 Fifth Avenue door.
  • Meals

    Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten students in the full-day program should bring their own nut-free lunch from home. The lunch should not require refrigeration.

    For Kindergarten through Class VIII, lunch will be provided in the classrooms in a grab-and-go format with single-use containers/utensils and no shared items. A variety of options will be available taking into account dietary concerns. If a child has specific dietary requirements, families may opt to send their child to school with a pre-packed lunch that does not contain nuts and does not need refrigeration. A morning snack will be provided as usual to students in Nursery - Class VIII.

    Upper School students may opt to eat the provided grab-and-go school lunch or to get their lunch from a local eatery. US students in Classes X-XII may eat outside or in designated lunch spaces with appropriate distancing at the Fifth Avenue campus. Class IX will earn the privilege to leave campus for lunch as the year progresses.
  • Visitors & Events

    The School will restrict non-essential visitors inside the buildings, and pick-up and drop-off will occur just outside the school buildings. 

    While large divisional or all-school gatherings may not yet be possible, we are creating opportunities for parents to visit classrooms and attend grade-level events in person. All pre-approved visitors will be required to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result with specimen collected within 24 hours of the visit. An antigen or PCR test will be accepted, including at home tests with a photo of the result. 

    Larger events will be broadcast via Zoom or through a livestream on our YouTube channel. 
  • Masses

    Due to space constraints, all Masses will be celebrated at the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola, and all-school Masses will be replaced by K-V and VI-XII Masses. We are unable to accommodate parents at these large divisional Masses at this time, but parents may attend Class Masses. Our sacramental program will continue. Details will be distributed through your divisional office. Masses and special divisional liturgies will continued to be livestreamed through our YouTube channel.
  • Trips

    Marymount will resume usage of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and field trips to local attractions in accordance with the health and safety guidelines of each institution. 

Guiding Principles

  • to protect the health and safety of our community
  • to provide dynamic and engaging teaching and learning
  • to maintain our strong sense of community
  • to support the social-emotional growth of our students 
  • to preserve flexibility in all aspects of our planning

Health & Safety Protocols

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • Keeping Our Community Safe

    The health and safety of our community is a shared responsibility, and each of us has an important role to play in protecting the well-being of ourselves and others. Now more than ever, we ask for your help in keeping our community safe by getting your child vaccinated as soon as they are eligible, keeping your child home when they do not feel well, and following all of our health and safety protocols as outlined on this page.

    The School asks all members of the community to sign a Community Care Pledge, acknowledging that they read and understand our health and safety protocols and agree to abide by them. 
  • Vaccinations

    Marymount has mandated COVID-19 vaccines for all faculty, staff, and students 12 and older. With the recent expansion of eligibility to students aged 5-11, we are strongly encouraging those children to be vaccinated as soon as possible.
  • Testing

    Unvaccinated students will test weekly with at-home antigen test kits provided by the School. Anyone who tests positive should remain at home and follow our protocols for isolation.
  • Daily Pre-Screening

    Every day before school, all students and staff will be required to take their temperature and complete a short health screening which will be sent to their smartphones (or email if a family does not have access to a smartphone). Questions will include if you have a temperature over 99.9 degrees, if you have COVID-19 symptoms, and if you have been been diagnosed with COVID in the past 5 days. If you answer “yes” to any of the items in the questionnaire, you will be told not to come to school and to follow up with the school nurse for further instructions. Anyone who does not complete the questionnaire will not be allowed into the building. 
  • Face Coverings

    Mask use is optional for all students and staff in Classes K-XII. Children in Nursery and Pre-K and their teachers are still required to mask indoors. We respect and support each individual's personal choice around mask-wearing. 

    Masks are still required in some situations:
    • those who tested positive for COVID-19 and just completed a five-day isolation will be required to mask on days 6-10, including when riding the bus
    • when entering the nurse’s office for any reason; those who present with COVID symptoms must continue masking until they are picked up
    • while on field trips or other school activities at venues that require masking, including The Met as per their policies 
    Masks are recommended in some situations:
    • those identified as close contacts of someone who has tested positive will be encouraged to mask during the 10 days following exposure
  • Physical Distancing

    At most times during the school day, students and staff will practice physical distancing, keeping at least three feet apart. 
  • Hygiene Protocols

    Students and staff will be trained on proper hand and respiratory hygiene, and signage will be added as reminders. All who enter the school buildings will be asked to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer at the front door and to thoroughly wash their hands when they reach their classroom, office, advisory group, or first period class. Students and staff will also be asked to wash their hands at regular intervals throughout the day, including before and after snack/recess/meals and when using shared spaces/materials. No-touch dispensers for soap, sanitizer, and paper towels will be provided throughout our campuses, and additional portable handwashing or gel sanitizing stations will also be installed in common areas and near entrances/exits.
  • Cleaning & Ventilation

    Marymount’s facilities team will thoroughly clean and sanitize the School daily, and teachers will be equipped with CDC-approved cleaning wipes for disinfecting high-touch surfaces in their classrooms throughout the day. Other high-touch surfaces such as door handles, elevator buttons, railings, and public bathroom fixtures will be cleaned frequently throughout the day. 

    All of our buildings are equipped with HEPA filters in the HVAC systems. Filters will be maximized for equipment capabilities, using nothing less than MERV 7 or MERV 10 and up to hospital-grade MERV 13 filters where they can fit. If a room does not have forced air and has a window air conditioning unit instead, we will use the best possible filters in those units. Free-standing air purifiers are located in all rooms and offices, and teachers will be encouraged to open windows to allow fresh air into the classroom as weather conditions allow. 
  • Nurses' Offices

    The nurses’ offices in each of our buildings include an isolation room for any student or staff member showing symptoms of COVID-19. Nursing personnel will be supplied with enhanced PPE, including KN95 masks, face shields, goggles, and gowns. 
  • Managing Ill Persons at School

    Nurses’ offices will separate children with COVID-19 symptoms and children with non-COVID issues. When possible, the nurse will visit the student outside the classroom to handle non-COVID problems, rather than asking them to visit the office. 

    If a student or staff member has potential COVID-19 symptoms, they will be put in the isolation room in the nurse’s office. Students will wait in the isolation room and must be picked up from the School within one hour by their parent/guardian or designated emergency contact. They will be instructed to consult their primary care physician for further evaluation.
  • Isolation and Quarantine Protocols

    Any student or staff member who tests positive for COVID-19 must isolate for 5 days from the time of the first symptom. After 5 days, if there is resolution of symptoms and no fever for 24 hours without fever-reducing medications, the individual can return to school after being cleared by the school nurse and by their primary care physician. Asymptomatic individuals who test positive must isolate for 5 days after the test and watch for symptoms. If no symptoms present after 5 days, the student or staff member may return to school. Please click here for our detailed guide to isolation/quarantine protocols.

    Any student or staff member who had symptoms but was not diagnosed with COVID-19 can return to school once they have:

    • received a negative PCR or antigen test result
    • been fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication
    • symptoms improving or have resolved