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DEI Leadership

Diversity Committee

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Khaliah Adams-Joseph

    Khaliah Adams-Joseph 

    Diversity Coordinator
  • Photo of Jacqueline André

    Jacqueline AndrĂ© 

    French Teacher
  • Photo of Timothy Avery

    Timothy Avery 

    English Teacher
  • Photo of Safeya Carey

    Safeya Carey 

    Administrative Assistant, Headmistress' Office
  • Photo of Wendy Cortes

    Wendy Cortes 

    History/Speech Teacher

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Yury Garcia

    Yury Garcia 

    Head Teacher, PKA
  • Photo of Dano Madden

    Dano Madden 

    Speech and Drama Teacher; Uptown Broadway Coordinator
  • Photo of Ashley Ramsawak

    Ashley Ramsawak 

    Assistant Teacher, Class IID
  • Photo of Jasmin Rodriguez-Schroeder

    Jasmin Rodriguez-Schroeder 

    Head Teacher, PKB
  • Photo of Yi Zheng

    Yi Zheng 

    Development Database Manager