Celebrate all cultures and peoples.


Meaning “all pull together” in Swahili, Harambee is a student-led celebration of cultural awareness and pride during Black History Month. Although the bi-annual event focuses on the African, Caribbean, and African-American experience, all members of the community are invited to share stories, challenge structures of oppression, and celebrate diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Bias Awareness Day

Marymount’s bi-annual Bias Awareness Day examines unconscious biases that can lead to discrimination, name-calling, and even violence. Recently, the event has focused on gender bias (specifically gender roles in entertainment) and socioeconomic bias.

Ally Week

Ally Week is a national youth-led movement in K-12 schools that empowers students, faculty, staff, alumnae, and parents to be allies against bullying, harassment, discrimination and name-calling.

GRACE Dinner

The annual GRACE dinner provides a forum for parents and alumnae to discuss diversity at Marymount. Attendees have the opportunity to brainstorm programs, community groups, and cultural activities that may deepen our commitment to diversity at Marymount.