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Nursery & Pre-K
Half Day (8:15-12:00)
Nursery & Pre-K 
Partial Full Day
Nursery & Pre-K 
Full Day (8:15-2:45)
Kindergarten - Class XII $51,750
These charges include lunch, books, supplies, some activities, yearbook (Class XII only), and the Parents’ Association fees.

A non-refundable deposit of $6,500 is required of all students when accepted by the School. This deposit is credited toward the November 2nd payment.

Two-thirds of the annual tuition is due on May 1st and one-third (less the deposit) on November 2nd. No reduction and no refunds are made for absence or withdrawal before the end of the year.

To spread your tuition payments over the course of the school year, Marymount offers a monthly payment plan that is administered by Smart Tuition.