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CTP5 testing: May 4-6

Students in Classes VI, VII, and VIII will be taking the CTP5 (Comprehensive Testing Program, 5th edition) during the mornings of May 4, May 5, and May 6.
The CTP5 supplies us with some information about your daughter’s development in reading and mathematics. Your daughter’s teachers will be providing her with helpful test-taking tips, as well as practice with the types of questions asked.
You can ensure optimum test taking conditions for your daughter by making certain she has a good night’s sleep, eats a balanced breakfast in the morning, and arrives on time for school. Please avoid scheduling appointments for your daughter during those mornings.

Remote students are invited to come-in person for CTP testing. Please contact Ms. Freeman (tfreeman@marymountnyc.org) to schedule testing. At home testing is not available.