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Girls, connected.
Recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for its leadership and innovation, Marymount students and faculty pioneer digital learning. Students use either an iPad (K-V) or a MacBook Air (VI-XII) to support their learning. Each classroom is equipped with interactive displays to promote collaboration. Marymount is a member of One Schoolhouse, offering learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom.

Apple Distinguished School

Apple Distinguished Schools are "centers of leadership and educational excellence that demonstrate Apple's vision for learning with technology." Understanding the integral role of technology in transforming teaching and learning, Marymount is committed to an innovative infusion of technology in every learning environment. Marymount has invested in Apple technology so students can explore, research, and create their own content, helping them become self-directed learners and leaders. The School deployed a full-scale 1:1 iPad and MacBook Air rollout in 2012 and also uses the iPhone and AppleTV to support learning "anywhere, anytime." 

One Schoolhouse

One Schoolhouse (formerly The Online School for Girls) connects students worldwide to provide an exceptional all-girls educational experience in a dynamic online learning community. One Schoolhouse is guided by the principles of connection, collaboration, creativity, and real-world application. Some courses that our students have taken through One Schoolhouse include AP Psychology and AP Computer Science A.


Digital resources offer every Marymount student the opportunity to learn through collaboration and creativity. In the Lower School and Lower Mid, students use apps such as Seesaw to document the learning process and Adobe Live to annotate their work. Students in the Upper Mid use Scratch to create digital games to illustrate body systems or animate sonnets with Photoshop. In Upper School, students design fabrics from digitized data and film, edit, and product short videos on iPhones or iPads. Seniors in Atmospheric Science use the iPad and video camera to produce a weekly weather forecast shared on YouTube.

Network & Displays

Teaching and learning at Marymount is supported by a robust network, and all Marymount classrooms feature interactive displays. Students in Classes IV-XII, as well as faculty and staff, have access to the Google Suite in Education. Upper Mid and Upper School course materials are through the School's Blackbaud website.