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Algorithmic Art
Class VII students have been exploring how to make artwork using geometry and algorithms in technology class. On the MacBook Air, they used the Scratch programming language to teach a computer to draw simple shapes like circles, squares, triangles, or any regular-sided polygons. Looking at Islamic tiling patterns for inspiration, they learned how to use repeating patterns of simple shapes, translating and rotating around a Cartesian coordinate plane, to create complex patterns.

The culminating project for this unit had two components. First, students had to fabricate a physical piece of art that they coded using algorithms. Using our Fab Lab's laser cutter, 3D printer,  or embroidery machines, they realized their code into physical objects. The second part of the project was more open-ended. Students were asked to create dynamic animations or other artwork using code. Two students collaborated to create a digitally augmented dance performance by using the Kinect sensor to detect the positions of the dancer's joints. They wrote a program that draws moving triangles on a screen that follow and respond to the dancer’s movements. The result offers the opportunity to appreciate the aesthetics and mathematics of a body in motion.

Click here to view the enchanting performance.