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Cardboard Arcade 2016
Class III students held the fourth annual Marymount Cardboard Arcade this November. After watching the viral YouTube video, "Caine's Arcade," and learning about the Imagination Foundation's Annual Day of Play, they were given the challenge of designing and building an arcade game out of cardboard. The students went on a trip to Dave & Buster's with their iPads to research the structure of different games. They learned about simple machines in science, and cardboard engineering techniques in STEAM class, and were encouraged to draw on their knowledge of both when designing their games. On November 17, they spent a full school day building games of all sizes and opened their arcade the following morning. This year's arcade featured a greater variety of games than ever and their creativity was outstanding! Parents, faculty, and other Lower Middle School students laughed with delight as they spun the Wheel of Fortune, posed in a handmade photobooth, played Wack-a-Skunk, and more. The STEAM teachers hope the girls will continue to design, play, build with cardboard throughout the year!