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Designing a Cardboard Arcade
Class III students experienced the joy and challenges of the design process when they participated in the Imagination Foundation’s Global Cardboard Challenge in mid-October. For the past few weeks, they envisioned and re-envisioned arcade games that they could create by hand from cardboard and other recycled materials. Students researched arcade games, visited Dave and Buster’s Arcade in Times Square, conducted interviews, planned their designs in 2-D, prototyped their designs in 3-D, received feedback, and adjusted the final iterations of their projects. Once the projects had been fully developed, Class III set up the arcade for other students to enjoy. This year, the arcade was set up in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Carroll Classroom. “Not only are they learning about how things work,” said Margaret McCarthy, Science Teacher, “but they are using their imaginations to build, make, and create. This process is really student-driven; it’s about the amazing and unknown places their imaginations will take them.”