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Curating Interactive Galleries
On Tuesday, May 12, Class IX students assumed the role of museum curators for an interdisciplinary Humanities project that encompassed art, history, literature, religion, art history, and technology. Using the Nolen Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, students researched individual works of art from the Met’s collection and worked in groups to design proposals for special exhibits that were driven by a common theme. Their exhibits featured their chosen works of art from the Met’s collection as well as their own original works inspired by them. As part of this project, students had to think creatively about how to present their chosen works of art, make connections to the cultures from which they came, and design exhibits that are engaging, clear, informative, and interactive. They made 3-d models, videos, short stories, songs, websites, children’s books, and sculptures for their exhibits. Their “patrons” (faculty members, representatives from the Met, and students throughout the school) voted on which exhibit should get the most funding. The winner was: #CherishedMaterials! A big congratulations to Hannah, Bree, Emily, and Olivia and the rest of the Class IX students for their hard work and creativity.