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Curator's Gallery
On Tuesday, May 9, Class IX presented the eagerly anticipated Curator’s Gallery to members of the Marymount community. After researching individual works of art from the Met's collection, students worked together in their Humanities IX sections to design special exhibits that were driven by a common theme. The four exhibits on view were (He)art of Gold (Section 1), Concrete Jungle (Section 2), Humans by Humans (Section 3), and Say a Little Prayer (Section 4). Their exhibits featured their chosen objects as well as their own original works inspired by them.

As part of this project, students had to think creatively about how to present their works of art, make connections to the cultures from which they came, collaborate in groups, and design exhibits that were engaging, clear, informative, and interactive. Students choose to create 3-D models, introductory videos, websites, sculptures, instagram accounts, geotags, children’s books, clothing, etc. They received generous support from their Class IX Arts teachers and the Tech Department, using Open Studio time in April to complete some of this work.

Tables were set up as at a science fair. Sections competed for “funding,” and visitors played the role of “patrons” who could vote for which exhibit they thought best met the criteria by which they were assessed. The day ended with students taking a celebratory class photo on the Met steps. Congratulations, Class IX!