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Ancient treasures, contemporary visions
On Tuesday, May 17, Class IX students engaged the school community in presenting their Curator's Gallery projects. After having researched individual works of art from the Met's collection (using the Nolen Library), students worked in groups to design proposals for special exhibits that are driven by a common theme. Their exhibits feature their chosen works of art from the Met's collection as well as their own original works inspired by them. As part of this project, students have to think creatively about how to present their chosen works of art, make connections to the cultures from which they came, and design exhibits that are engaging, clear, informative, and interactive.
Students may choose to create 3-D models, videos, short stories, songs, websites, children's books, sculptures, etc. and they receive generous support from the art and tech departments. On the day of Curator's Gallery, tables are set-up like a science fair. Groups compete for "funding" and visitors play the role of "patrons" who can vote for which exhibit they feel has best met the following criteria:
  1. Content (Knowledge of Works of Art Exhibited)
  2. Design Proposal (Creativity, Originality, and Clarity)
  3. Collaboration (Cohesion and Unity)
  4. Presentation (Overall Appearance, Student Work, Articulation of Ideas, Planning and Preparation)
After the voting was counted, the winners were announced:
Overall: Bringing Greece Bach -- Juliet, Violet, Sydney, and Eleanore
Section 1: Bringing Greece Bach -- Juliet, Violet, Sydney, and Eleanore
Section 2: The Glory of Gold -- Aubrienne and Brynn
Section 3: Water: A Symbol for All Cultures -- Lola, Valentina, Olivia, and Eleftheria
Section 4: Art of Worship: Creation with a Cause --  Lauren, Fernanda, and Sarah L.
Kids' Choice: The Buddha-ful Buddhas of Asia -Vivienne, Olivia, and Serena
Class IX's Choice: 
  1. Bringing Greece Bach-Juliet, Violet, Sydney, and Eleanore
  2. Into the Woods-Hannah, Katie, Perry, and Anna