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Class II Inventors
During their study of inventions this winter, the scientists in Class II worked in pairs to identify a real-world problem and to brainstorm ideas for a new invention to solve that problem. Each team then used littleBits electronic modules, a PicoCricket Invention kit, or the MakerBot 3D printer to build a working prototype. Often this process involved troubleshooting problems and revising the original design to overcome unanticipated obstacles along the way. The science curriculum in the Lower School encourages our students to be persistent, pay attention to detail, and develop teamwork skills. Mark Gura, Editor of Classroom Robotics: Case Stories of 21st Century Instruction for Millenial Students, eloquently describes the use of robotics in the classroom as, “filled with intense concentration, camaraderie, and self-directed learning. It provides vibrant learning and student empowerment.” This was certainly true for Class II as they developed their creative and innovative projects for the Invention Convention!