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Class II Inventors
Last week, members of Class II showcased their incredible new gadgets at the annual Invention Convention. Students designed practical and unique items to improve their everyday lives using littleBits electronic modules under the guidance of science teachers Margaret McCarthy and Joyce Kechner and tech teacher Maureen O'Reilly. They also used the Fifth Avenue Idea Lab to tinker with the laser cutter and mdf wood to help design their prototypes. Once their designs were complete, the girls filmed informative, persuasive commercials for their products. To view these commercials, please click here. A total of 19 inventions made their debut at the event, ranging from sunglasses with built-in windshield wipers to an oven alarm to help keep children's fingers safe. Reflecting on the process, Ms. Kechner remarked,"The girls realized quickly that creating a prototype requires cooperation and determination. Problems arise throughout the inventing process, and they needed to work as a team to achieve a common goal. This collaborative spirit allowed them to call upon engineering skills that they have learned in both science and STEAM class to create functioning inventions they are passionate and excited about."