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Little Bits Wearables 
On Wednesday, March 2nd students in the Lower Mid showcased their wearable-tech designs, created for the 3rd “Bitsbox challenge” of the year. 
The Bitsbox challenge concept was developed by two students in Class IV—Sophie N. and Colleen P. Their homeroom teacher, Ms. Katie Williams, helped to launch the initiative. Every two weeks, girls across the division have the option to participate in a design challenge, working with their Bit during recess and on weekends. The first challenge was to use their Bits to create a flashlight. The second challenge: create a Winter Wonderland scene. The third challenge: design a wearable. 
The idea for the recent challenge came from Summer N., another Class IV student who thought it would coincide well with NYC Fashion Week. The showcase was at the end of the day when the girls proudly donned their wearable tech and walked a runway in the Commons. Two product designers from littleBits attended the showcase and were very impressed with what the students had made! The girls are learning to document their projects and are creating a digital portfolio of all of their inventions.