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Headshot of Dr. Kristina Califano

At the Forefront of Athletic Training

Congratulations to Kristina Califano, US Dean of Student Life and Athletic Trainer, on earning her Doctor of Athletic Training degree this past spring! Doctors in this field serve as expert clinicians, educators, and administrators with advanced knowledge and skills for analyzing, developing, and implementing practical solutions to improve the delivery of athletic healthcare. “As a dedicated lifelong learner, I decided to pursue this terminal degree when the program was developed a few years ago,” Dr. Califano explains. “I wanted to stand among those at the forefront of the profession and be the best clinician I could be. As a healthcare professional, my aim is to provide care for our student-athletes that takes the whole person into account when making treatment decisions and plans. This patient-centered approach allows the student’s voice to be heard in the decision-making process and ensures that her health and wellness is the top priority throughout the process.”