A Martial Arts Milestone!

Marymount is delighted to announce that Lexie D. '25 became the first student to achieve her first degree black belt in Taekwon-Do through the Marymount after-school program! As a student in Class II, Lexie began studying under Master Eisenstein and has been consistently training with him for the last five years both at Marymount and in private lessons. In addition to her own training as a practitioner, Lexie has also been assisting Master Eisenstein as a teacher for Lower School students every Wednesday after school. "Over the past year, Lexie has demonstrated commitment, perserverance, integrity, community service, compassion, fortitude, and courage," Master Eisenstein said. "I am so proud of her accomplishments, and I hope we will have more black belts to celebrate from the Marymount program in the coming years!"