Making Data Sing

Every spring, Class VII students participate in the Hudson Data Jam competition, in which students present a creative and compelling data-based story about the Hudson River and its watershed. We are proud to announce that nine Marymount students were recognized for outstanding submissions this year:
  • Level 3 Winner: “How PCB Levels in Male Striped Bass Are Affected by Hurricanes” by Katie D. ’24 and Antonia C. ’24
  • Honorable Mention: “Salt Detectives” by Sobée D. ’24 and Summer N. ‘24
  • Honorable Mention: “The Lead in their Blood” by Josephine C. ’24 and Cecilia M. ‘24
  • Best Song Adaptation: “Glass Eel-ian Rhapsody” by Grayson C. ’24, Charlotte T. ’24, and Marin W. ‘24
Science Teacher Katie Krueger says, “I'm proud of each and every Class VII student this year. Each student grew a tremendous amount and furthered their understanding of how to interpret raw data - a skill that is increasingly important in an age of big data.”
Congratulations to all of the participants and winners!