HackCooper Winners!

Marymount is thrilled to announce that Anna M. ’20 and her two teammates won the HackCooper Competition at Cooper Union on September 7! Collaborating with two high school students she met through her summer internship at NYU’s Mechatronics and Robotics Lab, Anna and her team had 24 hours to develop their ‘hack.’ They chose to design an educational app that helps people learn about solar power. “I’m the co-president of Environmental Science Club, so sustainability is an important topic to me,” Anna explains. “We wanted to present the science behind solar power in a fun, accessible way. The app zooms in on the chemical and physical processes that make solar panels work and uses games, quizzes, and mazes to help people grasp the concepts.”

Anna, who plans to study engineering in college, found that her programming experience from AP Computer Science Principles and other technology classes at Marymount gave her an advantage at both her internship and the hackathon. “This summer, my knowledge of Javascript helped me learn C++ and C# which are the coding languages I used to create the augmented reality app I worked on at the NYU lab. We used the same Unity game engine and C# programming language in our HackCooper app,” Anna says.

The HackCooper judges were so impressed with their app that they awarded them the Best High School Hack and ultimately named them the First Best Hack Overall! Anna and her team beat out 150 high school, college, and graduate students to garner this honor. The team plans to continue refining the app and expand it to focus on other sources of renewable energy.

A big congratulations to Anna and her team!