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The Metropolitan Museum provided inspiration for Class IX's Met Projects.

Reimagining Famous Works of Art

Each spring for their Humanities class, Class IX students individually choose one work of art from The Met’s collection to visit, research, and then present to their peers. Each student proposes a project to work on after using The Met's website and resources from the Nolen Library and the Marymount Library to better understand their objects and cultures. Rather than simply recreate their objects, students are asked to reimagine and re-contextualize them in order to create their own works of art and to build on the original meaning of their objects.

With the generous support of the arts teachers, students created paintings, sculptures, compositions, and clothing. Because we were in a distance learning model this spring, students were asked to create their original works out of recycled materials from home. They then documented their creative process in video presentations to share with their peers. 

On the Met Project website, please click on the "Galleries" tab in the top right in order to peruse a sample of the Class IX artworks. Brava to the Class of 2023 for all their hard work and creativity on these amazing projects!