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Personalized Virtual Learning Experiences

A leader in educational technology and innovative teaching and learning, Marymount was eager to find new, creative ways to connect with students during this challenging school year. Director of STEM Education Eric Walters partnered with a start-up called AuraNexus to deliver interactive personalized virtual learning experiences for his Honors and AP Physics students. 

Marymount became the first school to pilot AuraNexus’ proprietary technology that pairs voice-activated conversation with pre-recorded video. Students were able to engage with a virtual “experience” of Mr. Walters online to ask questions about their current coursework and receive answers in real time. The technology allows students to learn at their own pace and to engage in dialogue with their teacher as they would in an office-hours setting. One physics student remarked, “I liked having access to my teacher 24/7. I didn't have to wait for a response to an email or to set up a Zoom meeting to clarify something I didn't understand. I loved it!” 

In addition to higher engagement and retention for students, the technology also frees up time for teachers. Mr. Walters explains, “Teachers are able to pre-identify misconceptions and common questions and provide a unique platform for students to resolve those learning issues. It allows us to create a repository of information for students who now have access to us whenever and wherever they are doing their learning. I see a lot of potential for personalized instruction like this moving forward.”