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Budding Social Entrepreneurs

Energized by their advocacy and activism during their Class X M-PACT project, Marcie C. ’22 and Calliope S. ’22 were inspired to create a charitable initiative to support a cause dear to their hearts this holiday season. They designed two PopSockets phone grips (pictured above) that you can purchase for $15 each, with half of the proceeds going to support Blessings in a Backpack, an organization striving to end childhood hunger. 
“Working with a non-profit organization during M-PACT made us realize how important it is to support the causes we believe in, so we founded this project to raise money and awareness for those voices who go unheard,” Calliope explains. “Due to the pandemic, 18 million children in the US, and 700,00 in New York alone, are experiencing food insecurity and hunger. We were particularly captivated by Blessings in a Backpack's mission: that every school-aged child in America should have the nourishment needed to learn and grow. The charity sees the bridge between ending hunger and successful futures, as well as the connection between food insecurity and the cycle of poverty.”
The two styles of phone grips, 'Starry Strawberry' and 'Daisy Days,' were digitally designed entirely from scratch by Marcie. "In creating these two designs, I was inspired by the unheard voices of the children in my city who struggle with hunger every day," she says. "There is an urgent need for action, and this is my way of giving what I can. Every effort counts in the fight against child hunger in America." 

If you are interested in purchasing a grip, please click here. Every grip purchased feeds a child for two weekends; ten grip sales feed a child every weekend during the school year. If you purchase a grip, be sure to share your PopGrip selfie on social media using the hashtags #BlessingsInAPopGrip or #PopSocketsBlessings.