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Six photographs by Marymount students that won Scholastic Gold Key awards in 2021.

Scholastic Art & Writing Award Winners

Marymount is thrilled to announce that many of our students have been recognized for their outstanding work by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards!

Allina A. '21:
  • Gold Key (Photography) for "Catch Me If You Can"
  • Gold Key (Photography) for "Destroyed Childhood"
  • Gold Key (Painting) for "Lost Self"
  • Gold Key (Painting) for "New York in 2020"
  • Gold Key (Painting) for "Quarantine"
  • Gold Key (Painting) for "Social Distancing"
  • Gold Key (Painting) for "The Met"
  • Gold Key (Painting) for "Virtual School"
  • Silver Key (Painting) for "Empty City"
  • Silver Key (Painting) for "Grandparents"
Nazareth B. '21: Honorable Mention (Painting) for "Jewel of the West Indies"

Emma H. ’22:
Silver Key (Dramatic Script) for "Working Up an Appetite" 

Ashley J. ’22: Gold Key (Photography) for “Bittersweet

Waverly J. ’21: Honorable Mention (Art Portfolio) for “A Taste of My Work”

Zayna M. ’21: 
  • Silver Key (Personal Essay & Memoir) for “Switched Life” 
  • Honorable Mention (Painting) for “Filtered” 
Tess O’D. ’24: Honorable Mention (Critical Essay) for "Female Independence and Monstrosity in The Odyssey by Homer"

Sanaa S. ’21: 
  • Gold Key (Humor) for “Mom Manifesto”
  • Gold Key (Photography) for “Bowed
  • Silver Key (Photography) for “Dynamic Relationships
  • Silver Key (Photography) for “Lady in Waiting
  • Silver Key (Photography) for “Shelter
  • Silver Key (Photography) for “Rapport
  • Honorable Mention (Critical Essay) for “Gertrude's Other Relationship”
  • Honorable Mention (Photo Essay) for “Family Values”
  • Honorable Mention (Photography) for “Comfort” 
  • Honorable Mention (Photography) for “Catch Me if You Can” 
  • Honorable Mention (Photography) for “Spotlit” 
Alexandra S. ’21:  
  • Gold Key (Film/Animation) for “Unplugged” 
  • Gold Key (Time-based Media Portfolio) for “2020”
  • Silver Key (Time-based Media) for “How Do I Look”
  • Honorable Mention (Time-based Media) for “Quarantine
  • Honorable Mention (Time-based Media) for “The Times”

Congratulations to all of our talented artists and writers!