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Student Publishes Scientific Research

Last year, Marymount launched a new elective in the Upper School that offers students an opportunity to pursue scientific research at the college level under the guidance of Science Teacher Jessica Genter. Using professional scientific databases, students independently investigated a topic of interest to them, and designed and performed experiments based on that research. Cecilia S. ’22 decided to study if memory, specifically trained behaviors, could be transferred through RNA or DNA between planaria (a type of small freshwater flatworm). “The highlight of my project was being able to analyze all of my collected data and see the actual results,” Cecilia explains. “While experimenting, I could see the rough numbers, but there was no way to know whether anything significant was happening until I ran a statistical test on the results. It was fascinating to see all of the results click together at the end.” Cecilia was chosen to share her work at the 2020 Virtual Multi-School Research Conference last May, and she just had her article "Transfer of Conditionability Between Planaria Through DNA and RNA" published in the Journal of Student Research. Congratulations to Cecilia on this remarkable accomplishment!