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Cupcakes for a Good Cause

Due to the Covid pandemic, Class X students have had to be flexible and creative this year in fulfilling their community service requirements for their social justice class. Andrea R. A. ‘23 decided to choose an organization that was close to her heart: The Stork Foundation, which provides financial assistance to low resource individuals who require costly medical infertility treatments that would otherwise be out of financial reach. As a proud IVF baby herself, Andrea began baking and selling cupcakes to raise money for The Stork Foundation’s grant recipients. “I was really motivated to seek out organizations that supported individuals who need to pursue infertility treatments because I know from my parents how costly they can be,” Andrea explains. “I have had so much support, especially from neighbors, friends, and even medical doctors who have been buying cupcakes for their offices to support The Stork Foundation.” To learn more about Andrea’s passion for infertility advocacy, read her full story by clicking here.