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Making Data Sing

Every spring, Class VII students participate in the Hudson Data Jam competition, in which students present a compelling data-based story about the Hudson River and its watershed. In addition to analyzing data and producing a scientific report, students also communicate their findings through a creative interpretation (game, song, story, etc.) of the data. We are proud to announce that seven Marymount students were recognized for outstanding submissions this year:
Best Overall Middle School: 
Sophia K.: Lyme Disease Prevalence in the Northeast United States (Board game)
Level 1 Winner:
Sophia J. F.: Dissolved Oxygen Levels and Aquatic Plants (Song)

Level 2 Winner: 
Elena T.: Zebra Mussels and Zooplankton in the Hudson River (Scratch video game)

Level 3 Winner:
Cecelia C.: Lyme Disease Prevalence in the Northeast (Storybook/comic)
Honorable Mentions:
1. Gemma G.: Lyme Disease Cases from 2002-2003 in Connecticut (Board game)
2. Haley H.: Impact of Hurricane Sandy and Sea Level Rise at the Hudson River (Storybook)
3. Anna S.: Air Pollution Changes (Storybook)

Congratulations to all of the participants and winners!