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Calliope searches through rocks on a paleontology dig.

Girls' STEMpede

Senior Calliope S. ’22 recently launched Girls’ STEMpede, an initiative that celebrates the importance of role models in further engaging girls in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Girls’ STEMpede is a series of video interviews with women who have successful jobs in diverse STEM fields. These conversations chronicle what led these women to pursue their chosen careers and explore their experiences in male-dominated fields. First up in the series is Dr. Nieca Goldberg, a cardiologist and nationally recognized pioneer in women’s heart health, and Alex Wolfe, a software engineer at the cryptocurrency platform Coinbase.
A lifelong explorer, Calliope has loved scientific discovery since she was a child and has been going on paleontology digs for more than half her life. At these digs, she noticed how she was one of the only–if not THE only–girl on the project, and she had no access to any female role models in the field. “I wanted to change this, both for other girls without female role models in STEM, and for the women in STEM whose voices had not been amplified, and whose stories deserved to be shared,” Calliope explains. “When a young girl in STEM is asked who her female role model is, I want her to be at a loss for words. Not because she doesn't know one, but because she has so many to choose from that picking just one is impossible.”
Calliope hopes that this interview series will disable harmful stereotypes surrounding women in STEM and increase participation in these fields among her target audience of young women. We applaud Calliope for her passionate advocacy and entrepreneurial spirit. To learn more about this powerful initiative, please visit the Girls’ STEMpede website.