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The winning students hold a check for $5000 made out to the Youth Justice Network.

Making an M-PACT

For their culminating M-PACT project in Social Justice class, Class X students worked in teams to conduct extensive research on a contemporary justice issue of their choice and then produced educational videos to inform young people on how to engage in meaningful actions to transform the injustice. Topics ranged from food insecurity and New York’s childcare crisis to refugee resettlement and environmental justice. The research process required students to interview individuals with direct personal and professional experience with the injustice and to determine which New York-based non-profit organization they believe is executing the most effective charity and justice work on the issue. After viewing the video presentations, Upper School students voted to select the three most impactful videos. Marymount awarded grants to the following teams for the non-profit for which they advocated:
Youth Justice Network: $5,000  (Topic: Justice Involved Youth)
By Bebe C., Lauren M., Sophie N., and Yazmin P.

My Sister's Place: $2,500  (Topic: Teen Dating Abuse)
By Cecelia M., Olivia P., Allison P., and Colleen P.

Rising Ground: $1,500  (Topic: New York’s Childcare Crisis)
By Katie F., Ryann L., Shannon M., and Tess O.

In addition, each team submitted their non-profit analysis and financial fact sheet to the Bank of New York Mellon (Howard Gilman Foundation) for consideration. This year, BNY awarded a record number of $5,000 grants to eleven different organizations advocated for by M-PACT groups from the Class of 2024:
  • West Harlem Environmental Action (Topic: Air Pollution & Environmental Justice) – Amelia B.,  Emily C., Isabela J., and Delaney L.
  • Hearts and Homes for Refugees (Topic: Refugee Resettlement) – Kera B., Lauren Cr., Lizbeth C., Gisselle R., and Sophie S.
  • Rising Ground (Topic: New York’s Childcare Crisis) – Katie F., Ryann L., Shannon M., and Tess O.
  • Grandma’s Love (Topic: Food Insecure students) – Mariam C., Daisy O., Summer N., Maggie P., and Tess P.
  • Graham Windham (Topic: Foster Care in NYC) – Norah B., Magnolia B., Katie T., and Sofia P.
  • Youth Justice Network (Topic: Justice Involved Youth) – Bebe C., Lauren M., Sophie N., and Yazmin P.
  • Family Equality (Topic: LGBTQ+ Family Formation) – Shirley F.,  Stela K., Audrey M., and Inez M-G.
  • Fountain House (Topic: The Criminalization of Mental Illness) – Camila B., Yvonne L-H., Julia W., and Ella W.
  • The Clarke School for the Deaf (Topic: Challenges faced by Deaf Youth) – Sonia A., Amelia G., Ruby M., and Katia P.
  • My Sister's Place (Topic: Teen Dating Abuse) – Cecelia M., Olivia P., Allison P., and Colleen P.
  • The Osborne Association (Topic: Children of the Incarcerated) – Gigi G., Serena K., and Ava G.

In its thirteen-year history, the M-PACT program has raised a total of $659,000 for non-profit organizations that effect positive change in our local community. Congratulations to all our winning teams!