Turning Algebra into Art

For a recent project, Class IX students in Algebra 2 were asked to create an image using the functions and relations they have studied in class thus far: constant, linear, quadratic, absolute-value, cubic, square-root and cube-root, exponential, logarithmic, sine, reciprocal, periodic (tan), and semi-circles. Each image had to include at least thirty segments, be visually interesting, and include at least eight different types of functions.
Working on graph paper at first, students began to get a sense of the functions and transformations necessary to produce their desired image, as well as of the appropriate domain restrictions for each segment. They then used Desmos.com to verify their equations and transformations and to create their final picture. Images included replicas of the Statue of Liberty, Minions, and even the Marymount buildings, which required 507 total equations to build! The Algebra students presented their creations to Class II, and the images were assembled into a wonderful coloring book for the Lower School students to enjoy.