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Upper School Reopening Details

List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • September Schedule

    Week of September 8
    A Week
    Tuesday, Sept 8 - Wed, Sept 9
    Class IX in person; Classes X-XII virtual
    Thursday, Sept 10 - Friday, Sept 11
    Class X In person; Classes IX, XI, XII virtual
    Week of September 14
    B Week
    Monday, September 14
    M Day: All virtual
    Tuesday, Sept 15 - Wed, Sept 16
    Class XI in person; Classes IX, X, XII virtual
    Thursday, Sept 17 - Friday, Sept 18
    Class XII in person; Classes IX, X, XI virtual
    Week of September 21
    A Week
    Monday, September 21
    M Day: All virtual
    Tuesday, Sept 22 - Wed, Sept 23
    Class IX in person; Classes X-XII virtual
    Thursday, Sept 24 - Friday, Sept 25
    Class X in person; Classes IX, XI, XII virtual
    Week of September 28
    B Week
    Monday, September 28
    M Day: All virtual
    Tuesday, Sept 29 - Friday, Oct 2
    Classes XI and XII in person; Classes IX and X virtual
  • Upper School Schedule and Cohort Groups

    The Upper School schedule has been re-imagined to preserve our robust and highly individualized academic program and to maintain our academic blocks, and has been designed so that we can seamlessly move from a hybrid to a fully remote format as needed. Beginning the week of September 28, we will operate on a 5-day A/B-week schedule with: 

    • Cohort A (Classes IX-X) attending in-person classes on Tuesday-Friday during A week
    • Cohort B (Classes XI-XII) attending in-person classes on Tuesday-Friday during B week.
    • On alternate weeks, students in Cohorts A & B will learn remotely. 
    • A small cohort of students, Cohort C, has classes that overlap A and B weeks; these students are welcome to be in-person both weeks, with some flexibility. Courses that fall into this cohort include: Spanish II, Spanish III, Spanish IIIH-1/IVH, Spanish IIIH-2, Latin III, French III, French IIIH/IVH, Geometry-1, Geometry-2, and Precalculus H-3. 
    • Student Cohort D are students that will be learning exclusively online. 

    Every Monday will be a designated “M” day, and all scheduled classes will be remote. The virtual format of M days will also allow us to preserve important community-building events like Chapel and assemblies that cannot be held in person due to physical distancing constraints. PE classes will likely be largely asynchronous for the time being, though we continue to explore times and spaces where movement can be incorporated.

    We will be utilizing large classrooms spaces and converting other large rooms for classroom use in order to maintain physical distancing.
  • Arrival and Dismissal

    In order to maintain physical distance, Upper School students will begin classes at 8:30 a.m. 

    For arrival and dismissal, students will enter and exit through the 1028 door on 84th Street. Parents and guests will not be permitted to enter the building. To relieve congestion, there will be 15-minute windows of staggered entry:

    Week A:
    • Class IX will enter between 8:00-8:12 a.m. and go directly to the Auditorium prior to Advisory
    • Class X will enter between 8:13-8:25 a.m. and go directly to Advisory
    Week B:
    • Class XI will enter between 8:00-8:12  a.m. and go directly to Advisory
    • Class XII will enter between 8:13-8:25 a.m. and go directly to Advisory
    Upper School students will be allowed to leave after their final class of the day, creating a staggered dismissal schedule between 1:20 and 3:10 p.m. Students will exit through the 1028 door.  

    There will be designated stairwells for ascent and descent. Elevator usage will be restricted. 
  • Free Periods

    Large spaces like the Auditorium, where physical distancing can be maintained, will be designated as study space for students who have free periods.
  • Meals

    Lunch will be provided in a grab-and-go format with single-use containers/utensils and no shared items. A variety of options will be available taking into account dietary concerns. If a student has specific dietary requirements, students may bring a pre-packed lunch that does not contain nuts and does not need refrigeration. Upper School students will not be allowed to go out to local eateries to pick up or eat lunch. Large classroom spaces will be utilized for lunch in order to accommodate physical distancing protocols. Students may not eat or drink outside of lunchtime, except for water.
  • Student Laptops, Textbooks and Supplies

    Students will not be using lockers as they would in a typical year in order to avoid any accidental crowding that may occur in these areas. Many texts will be used in an online format to reduce the need to carry books around. Student laptops will serve as a central point for most learning needs. Personal headphones will be an important tool for each student.
  • Wellness

    On Tuesdays through Fridays, students will begin their days in Advisory/Student Wellness from 8:30-9:00 a.m. because we know that a robust social-emotional support system is crucial for our students. The time will be used for advisory group meetings, homeroom meetings, as well as individual advisory check in time with students, among other important tasks and support services. Skills and Wellness in Class IX, Health in Class X, and Guidance curriculums in Classes XI and XII are built into the schedule as well.
  • Extracurricular Activities

    We hope to maintain a robust set of extracurricular offerings in the Upper School. Some clubs and affinity groups may meet in person during the school day or after school; others may meet virtually. Information about specific programs will be communicated as it becomes available.
  • Athletics

    Our Upper School pre-season has been canceled by the league, and interscholastic competition has been canceled for at least the fall season. We continue to work with the league and our coaches to plan for athletics to happen in some form. Information about specific programs will be communicated as it becomes available.
  • Performing Arts

    Our performing arts department is creatively exploring ways to offer our students opportunities for expression in in-person, hybrid, and remote ways. We will share more information as it becomes available.
  • US Events

    Marymount understands the importance of maintaining a strong sense of community for our students and their families. Assemblies, Chapel, and other events will occur virtually on our remote M days. Special events such as Curriculum Night will take place virtually.
  • Families Who Choose Online Learning

    If you would like to opt into online learning, please speak to your divisional head. Families choosing an exclusively online education will have their next opportunity to opt their child into in-person learning at the end of the first semester (January 2021). Please note that if students must quarantine, online learning will be available to them until they have medical clearance to return to school.