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Create unity through diversity. 
Marymount has always been guided by the RSHM mission "that all may have life, and have it to the full." Supporting this mission is the second goal of the RSHM network of schools: to create unity through diversity. As an anti-racist community, Marymount is deeply committed to building a culture of equity and inclusion so that all members of its community feel valued and benefit fully from the dynamic program that the School offers. Through ongoing training and conversation, the School strives to help students and staff examine and address unconscious biases, build cultural competency, speak out in the face of prejudice or hate, and work together to bring about social and racial justice. Marymount expects all constituents to respect each other in words and actions, and the School will hold students and staff accountable for upholding community norms and expectations.

Marymount's DEI work is a long-haul effort. The School has established a DEI Task Force and Working Groups to focus on the following areas:


Marymount strives to amplify diverse voices in our curriculum and create more communication, dialogue, and education about the richness and importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The School is conducting an ongoing review of our curriculum to identify and address gaps in representation, concepts, and understanding. 

Professional Development

Marymount strives to provide time and funding to further develop our faculty and staff's cultural competence, anti-racist behaviors, and instructional practices. Everyone who works at the School participates in mandatory anti-bias and anti-racism training, and all faculty are required to do DEI-related professional development yearly. External DEI consultants and experts provide training on key instructional initiatives and empower staff to become independent leaders of DEI work throughout the School.

Student Culture & Support

Marymount strives to create an anti-racist culture where all students are respected and included. Through affinity groups, white anti-racist spaces, and bias awareness programming, students will explore their racial identities, unpack unconscious biases, and gain a common language and community norms to facilitate authentic conversations. The School is also exploring opportunities to expand students' understanding of microaggressions and address these using the principles of restorative justice.

Recruit & Retain Faculty of Color

Marymount strives to recruit, hire, and retain an increasingly diverse faculty, staff, and administration. Through strategic partnerships, the School will develop new pipelines for the recruitment of faculty and staff of color and ensure that they receive support through mentorship programs, affinity spaces, and regular check-ins with administrators. The School will continue to implement anti-bias hiring practices, screening all faculty for DEI skills and commitment.

Recruit & Retain Students of Color

Marymount strives to increase the racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity of our student population. The School will strengthen partnerships with feeder programs/schools to develop new pipelines for recruiting students of color; re-evaluate admissions practices through a lens of equity and inclusion; and commit more financial aid dollars to students in the younger grades.

Community Engagement

Marymount strives to create active engagement through DEI programming for all constituents. Using a data-driven approach, the School will evaluate all events through a DEI lens and expand opportunities for anti-racist education across constituent groups. The School also plans to increase representation of people of color on our Board of Trustees, Parents' Association, and Alumnae Association and establish an alumnae/student of color mentoring program.