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Explore your sense of self-identity.
Affinity groups are intentional gatherings of people who share a similar identity. These groups are places of reflection, dialogue, and support – safe spaces where students can process their emotions, develop a stronger sense of self, and build a common language to address issues of race, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender diversity. Marymount offers "Ohana" for our Lower and Lower Mid students and the following affinity groups for our Upper Mid and Upper School students:

Asian Affinity Group

AAG is the Asian Affinity Group for students that identify as Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander. This safe space offers an environment for conversation, inclusion, and empowerment and provides an opportunity to engage in deeper discussion with others who are part of this ethnic group.

Black Girls Rock

Black Girls Rock is an affinity group based on the non-profit organization created by Philanthropist Beverly Bond. It was established to empower today's youth through mentoring. The girls gather together to promote the arts for young women of color, to analyze all of the ways women of color are portrayed in the world, and to encourage each other through dialogue.

Latinx Affinity Group

The Latinx Affinity Group is a space to have meaningful discussions about what it means to identify as Latinx, Latina, or Hispanic in our communities. This group examines the cultural and emotional experiences and diverse multi-racial origins that arise from a Latin American or Caribbean heritage, celebrating them from the "I" perspective.


Prism is Marymount's safe space for LGBTQ+ students, as well as an environment for allies. The group aims to increase awareness about sexuality and gender diversity within Marymount and in the greater community. Prism leads discussions and activities during Bias Awareness Day and Ally Week, which encourage acceptance, confidence, and awareness.

Multiracial Affinity Student Hub

The Multiracial Affinity Student Hub (MASH) is a space for meaningful discussion about what it means to be multiracial in our community. This group examines the many cultural and emotional experiences that go with being an individual with multiple ethnicities, traditions and social expectations. MASH explores how our multiple identities are woven together to show the beauty in our diversity.

Antiracist White Affinity Space

Grounded in the principles of Catholic social teaching and the mission of the RSHM, the goal of the Antiracist White Affinity Space (ARWAS) is to examine white racial identity and privilege and to strive to become antiracist in both the school and the world. Members of this group seek to learn how to identify, interrupt, and challenge racism and white supremacy in a space that does not put the burden on people of color to support that work, to define it, or to explain it.