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Foster awareness and acceptance.

Asian Cultures Club

The Asian Culture Club recognizes and celebrates all API (Asian Pacific Islander) cultures in an inclusive environment.  We welcome students of all backgrounds and ethnicities to participate in our lunch club meeting where we have open discussions lead by teacher and student facilitators.

French Club

In the French Club, students share their interest in French culture through the discovery of movies, music, fashion, culinary specialties, politics, art, literature, and famous places. They discuss the diverse aspects of the French culture around the world and explore differences between nations and ways of life. Members of the club decide on a subject to discuss at each meeting and promote French culture at school events.

Gaelic Society

The Gaelic Society is a club that celebrates Hibernian culture and issues a warm cead mile failte (100,000 welcomes to all). Irish or not, members participate in activities such as learning about Celtic history and legends; studying the Irish language; enjoying Irish music and dance (maybe even trying a few steps!); and sampling typical foods that include scones, brown bread, and chocolates. Club-sponsored CSCs might invite other students to an early St. Patrick’s Day fete or introduce them to vibrant Gaelic traditions.

Latin Club

Latin Club is an organization where students who are interested in the classics can explore the vast and wondrous aspects of the ancient world. From reading myths to speaking Latin, from watching movies to hosting Roman banquets, from performing skits to preserving awareness of ancient traditions, Latin Club covers it all! Students do not need to know Latin and are also eligible to join the National Junior Classical League.

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club promotes the appreciation of the language and culture of Spanish speaking countries. All students who are interested in learning more about the many cultures of the Spanish-speaking world are welcome regardless of whether they study Spanish or not. We will have special presentations about how the language is used in different countries, and we will also discuss contemporary issues affecting the Latinx communities. In addition, we will experience some of the most important celebrations in the Latinx world such as Day of the Dead. Spanish students who are active members of the club and meet all the requirements can apply for membership to the Marymount Chapter of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica. ¡Bienvenidas al Club de Español! 

Women in our World

W.O.W. endeavors to empower girls by encouraging them to view education, advertising, politics, careers, popular culture, sports, and more through the lens of gender. The club seeks to raise awareness of inequality towards women, particularly internationally, and to recognize our common sisterhood. Weekly meetings tackle discussions ranging from “toys for girls” to female body image, and the club hosts annual CSCs to help the larger student body become involved in issues that affect all women.