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Encouraging critical thinking and creative expression.
Our teachers are guides and mentors who empower students to develop confidence, skills, and a sense of agency. Committed to lifelong learning, 90% of Marymount faculty members hold advanced degrees, and many are recognized as leaders in their fields.
Marymount faculty members are committed to “coaxing the brilliance” out of students. Teachers inspire their students to recognize their unique talents, embrace challenges, and reach their full potential. They take the time to make meaningful connections with their students and provide guidance and counsel on both academic and interpersonal issues. A 6:1 student teacher ratio facilitates individual attention and differentiated instruction. In Nursery through Class II, each class has a head teacher and one assistant teacher. In Classes III through V, each grade has three homeroom teachers. In Classes VI–XII, each student has a homeroom teacher and an advisor who follows her academic progress and provides guidance and support. Learning resource specialists, school nurses, an athletic trainer, artists-in-residence, and school psychologists work with students throughout the School. As lifelong learners themselves, faculty members participate in a range of professional development experiences throughout the year. Many are prominent in their field and regularly present at conferences, workshops, and seminars. Ninety percent of the faculty hold master’s degrees and eight percent hold doctoral degrees.