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Spark the imagination.
The visual arts program offers all students the opportunity to explore the creative process and expand their visual literacy. Beginning in Kindergarten, art activities are integrated throughout the curriculum, offering visual reinforcement of interdisciplinary topics. Students study art from diverse cultures and eras and learn about famous artists as they develop their own skills in a variety of media. 

Lower School

Students develop fine motor skills and spatial problem-solving abilities as they explore various art materials and techniques in projects that are integrated into the broader curriculum. Regular visits to The Met reinforce concepts introduced in class and serve as inspiration for the students’ individual creative growth.

Lower Mid

Students expand their creative and technical skills through individual and collaborative projects that are often connected to the social studies curriculum. Art classes regularly meet in the Carroll Classroom at The Met, where students have the opportunity to integrate their studio work with visits to the galleries.

Upper Mid

In addition to building foundational skills in painting, drawing, and sculpture, students focus on self-expression and individual growth through a variety of media and subject matters. With a deepening understanding of art as metaphor or symbol, students develop confidence in the critique, interpretation, and analysis of art.

Upper School

The art program promotes self-motivation, self-expression, and skill development for students who design their own individualized paths. Students with a passion for a specific medium have the opportunity for more in-depth study. Advanced and AP classes are offered for those preparing portfolios for college admission.