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Gain perspective.
During the summer between junior and senior year, students complete an internship as one of their graduation requirements. Students practice their knowledge and skills in a tangible work environment - an experience that may influence their future academic and career decisions.
Through their internships, students pursue their passion for business, law, education, finance, medicine, art, architecture, fashion, publishing, media, marketing, social service, science, technology, or not-for-profit organizations. Students are required to work without financial remuneration for three consecutive weeks during the summer after junior year. At the conclusion of the internship program, students write reports reflecting on their experiences and give oral presentations to their classmates in the fall of senior year. The internship is a graduation requirement and is thus considered to be a part of the School’s academic program. Members of the Marymount community interested in sponsoring an intern should contact the Co-Directors of College Counseling. Each student in the internship program is covered by Marymount’s health and liability insurance while attending her internship.