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Healthy bodies, healthy minds.
The Health and Wellness Department at Marymount seeks to educate our students so that they are healthy and well-adjusted young women. Through education and support, we help our students learn solid coping skills, develop resilience, and engage in good decision-making.

Social and Emotional Learning

Social and emotional learning provides a road map for our students as they navigate childhood and the often bumpy years of adolescence. By teaching our girls about identifying and managing emotions, healthy decision-making, and conflict resolution/effective communication with peers, Marymount fosters the life skills necessary for building solid relationships. Social and emotional learning is associated with decreased interpersonal aggression, improved academic performance and attitudes toward school, and preparedness for success in adulthood. 

From Nursery through Class XII, social and emotional learning is taught at age-appropriate levels in the health curriculum. In the younger grades, students focus on building healthy peer relationships, navigating conflict, and being direct and authentic in their communication. In the Upper Mid and Upper Schools, students build a framework for responsible decision-making as they deepen their discussions of social media, alcohol, drugs, dating, friendship, mental health, and identity. The Peer Assistant Leaders (PALs) program provides a teacher-free platform for freshmen to learn from upperclassmen in psychoeducational small groups. 

Throughout all divisions, ongoing parent education and collaboration allows for reinforcement of skills learned in school, facilitates open communication between students and their parents, and establishes an ongoing partnership between the school and the parent body.

Health & Wellness Team

List of 10 members.

  • Photo of Elizabeth Balthazar

    Elizabeth Balthazar 

    Upper Middle School Counselor
  • Photo of Barbara Bode

    Barbara Bode 

    School Nurse, Fifth Avenue; Chair, Health and Wellness
  • Photo of Kathy Cosgrove

    Kathy Cosgrove 

    School Psychologist, VI-XII; Health and Wellness Coordinator
  • Photo of Maureen Doheny

    Maureen Doheny 

    School Nurse, 82nd/97th Street
  • Photo of Jean Kiley

    Jean Kiley 

    School Nurse, 97th Street
  • Photo of Meghan Mackowiak

    Meghan Mackowiak 

    School Nurse, Fifth Avenue
  • Photo of Andrea Padilla

    Andrea Padilla 

    School Nurse, 82nd Street
  • Photo of Melissa Roessler

    Melissa Roessler 

    Holistic Nutritionist
  • Photo of Karen Trangucci

    Karen Trangucci 

    School Psychologist, N-V
  • Photo of Rosanna Veltri

    Rosanna Veltri 

    Lower Middle School Counselor