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Marymount values travel, exchange, and experiential learning as essential to the growth of global competencies in our students. Through mission-driven programs, students gain broader knowledge about world cultures, learn cross-cultural communication skills, and draw connections between themselves and people across the globe. 

Exchange Programs

Marymount offers a wide variety of cultural exchange and language immersion programs within and beyond the RSHM network of schools. Opportunities range from several weeks to an entire semester. Recent programs include schools in Rome, London, Brazil, France, Spain, and Colombia. Marymount families also host international students throughout the year.

Annual Global Journey

Annual global journeys explore diverse cultures and global issues of concern. Through these journeys, students learn to be more empathetic and to think critically about the world’s shared resources and challenges, including issues of social justice and human rights. These journeys help prepare students to act responsibly for the common good in our interconnected world. Recently, students have traveled to Peru, Cuba, and Greece.

Oxford Spring Seminar

The Oxford Spring Study Seminar offers students an extraordinary opportunity to participate in a week-long seminar at one of the world’s preeminent universities. Marymount’s history department leads students on fascinating journeys into a topic that changes each year. Recent seminars include: "Media, Monarchs and Modernity" which explored the roles of women in history, media, and power and "Literature and the Fantastic" which examined authors who used their Oxford experiences to create their fantastical worlds.

Singers Concert Tour

Members of the Marymount Singers have the opportunity to participate in an annual concert tour during spring break. Performing in sacred and secular spaces both domestically and abroad, the Singers have recently traveled to Portugal, the United Kingdom, Texas, Germany, California, Belgium, Holland, and Italy.

RSHM Sports Festival

Each spring, members of Classes VII and VIII are invited to participate in a sports festival hosted by one of the member schools of the RSHM network. Students engage in friendly competition across a variety of sports and spend time getting to know students from our international schools. Students have recently competed in Rome, Paris, London, and Portugal.

France & Spain Study Tour

The Class VIII spring study tour to France and Spain integrates history, art, math, science, and world languages to create a meaningful experience for students and their teachers. As their first shared international journey, students develop a deeper understanding of their roles as global citizens. Students also trace the foundation of the RSHM with a visit to the motherhouse in Béziers in the south of France.